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Here's upcoming shows for our Family of Bands.

Covering all your venue, party or event needs with everything from a

Acoustic Duo to a Power Trio to a Country Band to a five piece Rock and Roll Concert/Dance Party Band. 

The Snarky Cats, The Honeywood Band 

The Dead Ducks BandThe Bear Boogie Band and The Sushi Cowboys


2/19/2022   The Snarky Cats @ Henflings  - Ben Lomond 8pm


3/20/2022   The Snarky Cats @ Henflings  - Ben Lomond 8pm 

4/16/2022    The Snarky Cats @ Tempo - Gilroy 8pm 

6/8/2022      The Snarky Cats @ Guglielmo  - Morgan Hill 6pm 

6/25/2022    The Snarky Cats @ The Lube Room - Dorrington - 7pm 

6/26/2022    The Dead Ducks @ The Watering Hole - Murphys - 1pm 

7/1/2022      The Snarky Cats @ Tempo  - Gilroy 8pm

7/4/2022      The Snarky Cats @ San Jose Fireworks Show - San Jose 4pm

7/14/2022   The Bear Boogie Band @ The Watering Hole - Murphys 5pm

7/16/2022   The Snarky Cats @ Cameo Summer Concert Series - Arnold 6pm

8/4/2022      Honeywood @ The Watering Hole - Murphys 5pm

8/26/2022   The Snarky Cats @ Boyle MacDonald Winery - Murphys 6pm

9/1/2022      Honeywood @ The Watering Hole - Murphys 5pm

9/10/2022   The Snarky Cats @ Camp Connell Concert Series - Dorrington - 6pm

9/24/2022   The Snarky Cats @ Savannah Chanelle Winery - Saratoga 5:30pm

10/7/2022    The Snarky Cats @ Tempo  - Gilroy 8pm

TBA - To Be Announced once we get confirmation and a specific start time.


The Dead Ducks are a power trio featuring George and Ron of The Snarky Cats.


Honeywood is Cindy and George's acoustic duo. Sometimes they also perform as Honeywood & Friends


The Freak Flag Flyers are basically the Snarky Cats Big Band or you can think of it as The Snarky Cats & Friends


The Bear Boogie Band are Cindy and George of the Snarky Cats and former Snarky Cats and designated substitutes, Bob Cooper and Bill Llewellyn


The Sushi Cowboys (Country Music Served California Style) are a rocking country band 







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