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George Nowicki - Guitar/Vocals

aka Jorge Ho


Growing up at a musical crossroads of South Bend Indiana, between Chicago Blues, Rock and Rock and Motown exposed him to a variety of music. Believed to have musical Attention Deficit Disorder, George has played guitar and bass in many bands over the years but currently can also be found playing guitar in The Dead Ducks and The Freak Flag Flyers,  Guitar, Lap Steel & Mandolin in The Sushi Cowboys,  Bass Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin in Hold Your Horses and acoustic guitar, keyboards and mandolin in Honeywood and the Bear Boogie Band.

Mike Palos - Keyboards/Vocals

aka.  Mike The Mover


Mike is a Bay Area music veteran who also plays keyboard in the well known band Bay Area band,  One Voice and Identity Problem.

Michel Maeso - Bass/Vocals

aka.  MM


The newest Snarky Cats member,  Michel is another multi-instrumentalist who plays bass, guitar, keyboards.  Michel writes,  records and produces original songs and loves being in the studio. 

Bill Llewellyn - Keyboards/Vocals



Bob "Crash" Cooper - Drums



Alumni and Snarky Substitutes



Cindy Nowicki - Vocals

aka. Sister Golden Hair


Cindy grew up singing in the church choir in San Diego. She became a big fan of country music when it just wasn't cool to like county music. At some point George corrupted her and introduced her to various types of rock and rock and blues. She also sings with acoustic rockers, Honeywood, The Bear Boogie Band, The Sushi Cowboys and Hold Your Horses.

Ron Olmsted - Drums/Vocals

aka.  Iron Man


Like the rest of the Snarky Cats,  Ron has played drums in many Bay Area bands over the years.  A champion XTERRA racer,  when Ron isn't playing drums with the Snarky Cats and The Dead Ducks and the S.U.B Band,  you can usually find Ron out on his mountain bike.  

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